Two Neo1973s calling each other

Met Will Lai from OpenMoko on Sunday at mobileCampLondon. Gsmd has become much more reliable recently, so we attempted to get two Neo1973s to call each other. Will filmed our experiment for posterity!

If you’re wondering, the Neo1973 on the left is running my new (as yet incomplete) gtk-engine, which is why it has white dialer buttons.

Also met some people developing applications for OpenMoko for the first time. Will filmed a demonstration by John Moore of his thumbtribes project. It would be great to hear about more people developing applications for OpenMoko.

Also found out that the UK was the second highest country for sales of the Neo1973. OpenedHand have several debugging boards, so if you accidentally brick your Neo1973, drop me an e-mail and we can arrange to fix it for you. If anyone is interested, we could even organise a user group for Neo1973 owners in London (and maybe the UK).

8 thoughts on “Two Neo1973s calling each other”

  1. Why is the interface so slow? Surely that will not be released the way it is?

    For example, what about the 2-second pause between pressing the “answer” button and then the GUI showing the call being answered?

    I really hope you guys are paying attention to such details.

  2. @infodroid: I’m not sure what you’re talking about – I can’t see a 2 second pause when answering the call. However, there are still some optimisations to do, so of course we hope it will be snappier in the final release.

  3. @thos:

    hmmmmm… i was wrong about it being when the call is answered. probably i was squinting too hard to make out the text.

    instead, what i should have reported is that i saw a lag when the call is ended.

    in the video, look at the unit on the left. at 24 seconds when the End button is pressed, it changes color. from the time it changes color it is two seconds until the screen updates.

    probably a delay when hanging up is minor compared to a delay when answering a call.

    in any case i should probably not focus on the negative. i mean, its an excellent looking interface.

  4. I’m interested in the UG. My attention was drawn to the OpenMoko by the Java Posse podcast, they reported that it will include JSE – Java Standard Edition – and I’m interested in porting stuff onto the OpenMoko and getting it running in a mobile environment – not applets or JME code, but Java client code. I’ve not ordered a phone yet, my need is for a more stable platform than is currently available, with a JRE. Any news on the JRE port?

  5. Why are you guys publishing your video, showing the first opensource-phone in action, at the most closed-source-flash site like youtube?

    Please think about the people out there, who don’t want to use such formats…!

  6. I can’t wait to see more man. I really want this to take off, then i’ll leave sprint…
    and to the posted in #5: youtube is viral marketing at its best…they’d be dumb not to promote it there. its good marketing. if they only market it to geeks like us, how are they gonna hit the big time?

  7. I don’t mind the videos being posted in YouTube but please also make them available in Ogg Theora. Not everyone can or will use Flash, and most importantly, many of those that won’t use Flash *ever* will probably be among your first customers.

  8. Flash the “most closed-source”??? The virtual machine is open source, the SWF format is open, the Gnash project offers a completely open player and plugin. What seems to be closed here is the community’s mind to a very useful technology.

    I’ve developed in Flash with an open source compiler and the player is free. Get off your high horse and download the plugin.

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