Anjuta makes new projects easy

Anjuta used to be a bit of a disappointment and besides,  who could tear Vim or Emacs out of the hands of any worth while developer?

Well, since I have been doing more and more GTK+ development lately and I don’t having the brain capacity to remember every single GTK+ function and parameter, someone told me Anjuta had both function name completion and parameter hints. So I thought I would give it another go.

To my (pleasant) suprise, it has come on a long way from the last time I tried it. Even the Glade integration is pretty nice and I was impressed with it’s autotools integration and the way it can import existing autotools projects. Just need some vim keybindings and modeline support now…

So here’s a screenshot of my first (well, maybe second) new project done entirely from scratch in Anjuta:


It’s also my first attempt at using git. The repository is published here:

Note that it only loads files at the moment, it doesn’t edit or save them yet. Well, what did you expect, I only started it yesterday. Patches and bug reports are most welcome.

4 thoughts on “Anjuta makes new projects easy”

  1. Well, vim keybindings are quite difficult to archive using the standard Gtk+-Action code for menus.

    Anyway, anjuta (at least trunk but I think also 2.2) does have Modeline support and should use the correct indentation widths. If it does not work for you it’s a bug.

    Anyway, thanks for those nice words on the planet!

  2. Johannes, I looked at the modeline support, and it appears only Emacs modelines are support? I couldn’t find any code for Vim modelines.

    Sam, thanks, should be fixed now. I’m new to git 🙂

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