Guadec Roundup

Back from Guadec, which was great. Few interesting points:

  • I am not actually Linux Hater, despite my colleagues attempts to spread vicious rumours to the contrary.
  • Pleased with GTK+ 3 decisions, obviously lots of thought and planning gone into this. Glad to see long term goals being put in place.
  • Had some good meetings/BOFs about artwork and GTK+ theming.
  • Chose the wallpapers from the wallpaper contest, despite Kalle falling asleep during the process and refusing to wake up
  • Had fun playing a lovely red saxaphone at the opening party
  • Got some good hacking time in, and resurrected my Pixbuf theme editor, now renamed Monet (code available soon)
  • Lots of interesting talks on user experience and user interface design, especially the keynotes and Andy Fitzsimon’s talk. I am now wishing I had taken some proper notes, but I hope the slides/videos will be online soon.

My new tasks are to release some version of Monet fairly soon, and to start work on a GTK+ theme engine to implement some of the css style GTK+ theming thoughts I had a while back.

Thanks to everyone that helped organise this years Guadec. It was a great event and of course great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

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