15 thoughts on “OpenedHand News”

  1. Wow, massive congrats to OHmen+women! (Ha ha OHmen.) You guys are going to make moblin ROCK as a technology platform *and* community project. Sweet! 🙂

  2. Ouch. Relly not a company I’d like to be taken over by, but well done to whoever made money out of it.

  3. Holy … ! I’m floored! Congrats! Guess you OH-folks will soon learn more about Larrabee before others outside of intel 🙂

    Best regards …


  4. grats!

    btw, any idea when/where vids of Guadec 2008 can be found? I know it took a long while for 2007 vids to appear; hoping it won’t be so long this time.

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