Contacts 0.9 Released

Plenty of bugs fixed in this version. I am hoping to use this as the release candidate for version 1.0, so please send in any updated translations either to me (thomas at or attach them straight to bugzilla. Also, I haven’t fixed many Maemo issues because we don’t really support the Maemo version (Maemo already has an address book anyway…). However, I’m more than willing to apply patches if people are able to supply them.

I’d like to add a special thanks to Adrien Bustany and Gilles Dartiguelongue for their patches that I’ve included in this release. If anyone else has any (small) feature of bug fix they would like to see done before 1.0, now is the time to start working on your patches!

Overview of Changes in 0.9 (since 0.8)

Bugs fixed:

  • 139: Contacts does not exit cleanly, leaves socket behind
  • 169: horrificially non-obvious choices of field names
  • 224: Search chokes on non-ascii chars
  • 275: tab key behavior inconsistent
  • 305: Available labels for email are insane
  • 306: Better location labels for us stupid Americans
  • 308: No way to view “unfiled” contacts
  • 309: Groups dropdown in main window not alpha-sorted
  • 310: Contacts does not create “file under” field, not usable in Evolution
  • 318: Do not show fields that are blank
  • 338: Possible to add duplicate groups to a contact
  • 339: Keyboard shortcut conflicts
  • 341: Unexpected triple-click behavior in Name/Groups display
  • 368: Should import concatenated vcards
  • 489: Missing field definitions in Contacts.
  • 492: Only installing 26×26 icons when building for Maemo platforms.
  • 659: New contacts do not have a N: field – my mobile reject them
  • 774: Fails to build from source under Ubuntu Hardy
  • 808: All vcards for companies are displayed as ‘Unnamed’
  • 885, 42: Attributes not sorted in view mode
  • 888: Contacts segfaults when provided with incomplete options on command line
  • 890: Typos in source code
  • 893: Remove recursive function
  • 896: Simple DBus interface



Reporting Bugs

Please report any bugs using the bugzilla bug tracker at:


Screenshots and more information available at: