iwlagn driver and wpa

If anyone else (like me) is having problems with the iwlagn drivers (Intel wireless), try loading the driver with hardware encryption disabled. This seems to have solved the issue for me:

rmmod iwlagn && modprobe iwlagn swcrypto=1

4 thoughts on “iwlagn driver and wpa”

  1. You didn’t solve the problem, you created a workaround.

    please file a bug against the iwlagn driver (or check if it has been filed already).

  2. Will this have to be done at every boot? I was having tons of trouble with Intrepid because of the iwlagn bug, and have been watching one or two of the related bugs.

    Also, how is this for cpu load?

  3. Hey Samuel, I’m using

    Hi Keitai, yes you’re correct, it is a workaround. Perhaps you can point me to where I would file (or check for) a bug.

    Matthew, you can try putting this line into ‘/etc/modprobe.conf’:

    options iwlagn swcrypto50=1

    I didn’t really check what the effect was on cpu load.

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