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There has been recent talk about GObject Generators, so I’m going to throw my own one into the mix. It’s based on Ross’ gobject.py, but given a fresh dose of GTK+ and auto completion love.


If you’d like to try it out, there is a git repository available:

git clone http://gnome.org/~thos/git/gobject-gen.git

I’d like to move it to GNOME git, but before I do it needs a decent project name. Does anyone have any suggestions? Something descriptive but unique, preferably with only 2 syllables.

Kudos to the Anjuta GObject generator for the auto completion idea. Also, before any one suggests it, I know about Vala but we’re not using it for this project, so it’s of no use.

17 thoughts on “GObject Generator”

  1. Rob’s GObject-o-tron still has my vote. Failing that though, gobject-gen, gob-gen, gobj-gen, obj-gen, something along those lines… Something that actually says what it does…

  2. I’d love this if I could use some templates, for instance I’d have templates for python, vala, c etc… and could generate objects for whatever language, also it would be awesomely cool if I could have all different kinds of templates with other features, and maybe configurable features too (e.g. include finalise, mouse events etc…) which are interpreted during template processing.

    Each template offers up a set of variables which can be interpreted, their respective ranges and defaults etc… The UI, be it command line, gtk gets the input from the user and spews out the processed text.

    What’s needed is a template language that makes sense, that doesn’t have idiotic syntax, that can do the interpretation.

  3. One thing that would be nice, if it could remember project prefixes. Like if I am inside the gstreamer sources pre-enter Gst, gst_ and so on there, if I hack on my own project (buzztard), put Bt, bt_ and so on there. One thing that might work, is that you remember the directory name and if its ever called again from same directory you can reuse the prefix.

    But then, as Karl said you want it to follow the layout in your files (copyright header etc.).

  4. Oh, by the way, if you’d just use Vala you’d have a nice GObject generator, and way more powerful than your tool with that.

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