8 thoughts on “Moblin 2.0 User Experience”

  1. Would I be wrong in saying that the moblin UI seems to be influenced by some of the elements in the Sugar UI?

    The icons and the automagic bar behavior for the browser seem very similar to the Sugar UI design.

    I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing, but if they are design cousins it would be interesting to see moblin and Sugar converging on a single UI target.


  2. @Jef: Sugar targets children. It’s a project for education.

    As far as I understood, Moblin is just a DE for anyone, focusing on the netbook experience.

    Different goals, different products 😉

    @Thomas: That’s look great ! Is there a terminal ? If so, that simply looks like a wonderful UI, and not only for netbooks.

    Are there plans to have this release as any other DE (Gnome, KDE,…) so that we can package it in our favorite distributions and use it ? I’d certainly like to use it on my laptop 🙂

  3. Awesome!!!

    I’ll second the request to package the UI for other distros.

  4. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love how this melds together people and recent documents. Telepathy, I presume… but did you guys go ahead and implement that “People Framework” GNOME has been dreaming of for the past few years?

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