Meego™ and Mx 1.0

Meego™ 1.0 for Netbooks is now available, with a revamped user experience based on Clutter/Mx. The Mx toolkit now sports a number of widgets and classes, as I mentioned in my previous post. The API reference documentation is now also available online, or can be built from the source code using the –enable-gtk-doc configuration option. Source code is available from git or source tarballs.

Mx Widget Gallery

8 thoughts on “Meego™ and Mx 1.0”

  1. Are there Python bindings for Mx yet? Or does Mx at least play nicely with gobject introspection?

    Either way, very interesting stuff… I was rather disheartened to see the Qt-centric roadmap for Meego, but it looks to me like all the good stuff, all the actual main apps and the shell, are Gtk/Mx/Clutter!

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