Sharing Settings in GNOME 3.8

One of the new features I was able to contribute to GNOME 3.8 was the sharing settings panel.

Sharing Settings

The goal of this panel is to provide the user with a way to control what is shared over the network. The sharing services are provided by various existing projects, including Vino, Rygel and gnome-user-share. If any of the services are not installed, the relevant settings are not displayed. The panel also allows the user to configure various options for the services.

Bluetooth Sharing

More details about the design of the panel are on the wiki page.

7 thoughts on “Sharing Settings in GNOME 3.8”

  1. Hi,

    is this panel also intended for improving/managing overall security? Ie. will it also show local Apache/MySQL server etc. which might be installed on a developer workstation? If you’re connected to a public network it might be useful to see at once which listening ports are open on your system. Is that within the scope of this settings panel?

    1. The panel can only configure the services it supports. I’m not sure if notification of other unsupported services is within the scope of this panel, but the design team might have some ideas for this use case.

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