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It’s been a while since I posted. I used to post every day, but that was when I was doing exciting stuff at work that I could talk about. I’ve seen some things I’d never seen before: Fin bought a fresh coconut from the shop and Rio and I had no idea what it was; she threw it on the pavement and it burst, bleeding milk into the gutters. We chewed on the coconut meat. And we went to church on Palm Sunday at St Gabriel’s and I saw fresh palm leaves for the first time in my life.

(Fin later went back to the shop and a Redner’s employee called Scott was making some classist and indeed racist remarks, so Fin is complaining to their management.)

I have been reducing the bug queue in Metacity. Metacity is six years old, and a large bug queue has built up. There were over forty bugs without a response; now there are two, and they are both dual screen bugs. (It has been noted that Metacity’s support of dual screens is not as good as it might be; this is not unconnected with my not having two screens to test it with. I will try to save up and get another screen at some point.)

My plans for this iteration include the bug queue being brought down to managable size, and adding a proper, automatable test suite. If I reply to your bug, you might not hear back from me for a while, because there’s a ton of others.

Carmen, a very dear friend of mine, is travelling across the United States from Washington DC to San Francisco by car. If you live anywhere vaguely between these two points and are okay with lending a couch and a shower for a night, or if you’ve done a move of this size before now and have wisdom to share, please let her know about it. You people in San Francisco are a lucky bunch of people to get her living among you, and I am going to miss her a whole lot.

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  1. Dual-headness is easy these days if you have a laptop. Every laptop has a VGA-out, so all you need is a monitor and a few minutes reading about xrandr. Assuming your video drivers are sane ;)

    Idea: PayPal (or something else) donations for the noble purpose of getting the Metacity developers some hardware for debugging dual-screen issues.

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