And it looks like the sunshine’s here to stay

Alex has been away in San Francisco for a week or so, so Sharon was driving me into work. This meant waking up at six. I woke up on Friday feeling icky and nauseated; ordinarily I stress over the decision over whether to call in sick (ask me sometime about the scalding incident; I hope I’ve got a bit smarter since then) but getting into work at seven is pretty crappy on any day and doing it when you feel you might throw up is worse, and I have sick time left, so I called in. I spent most of the day curled up reading Mists of Avalon and feeling groggy, or sleeping. Later I felt better. I think I’ve just been stressing myself too much.

(Alex is back now, by the way, as of Saturday. Hooray.)

Today SaraMae put up her antique stall at Shupp’s Grove. (I warn you: if you click that, it plays crappy music.) We all went with her and put up the tent over the stall, and then stopped at a place which makes tremendously bad-for-you food, like chips and milkshake, but does it really well, and there’s nowhere to eat inside the place, so you have to sit outside beside the weir and listen to the music of the river.

As I paid my bill at the pharmacy today, I said to the person with me, “Of course, this is a good reason to move to Wales.” The pharmacist overheard and said, “Why, are drugs cheaper over there?”

Nargery: I have been fixing a few bugs outside Metacity for a change. I spent a lot of Saturday learning the intricacies of Ubuntu’s build system, because I tried to record a story on Friday night and I couldn’t get gnome-alsamixer working; a bit of searching around showed me that it was GNOME bug 429012, which was easily fixed, but someone pointed out to me that Hardy’s shipping soon and an upstream patch probably wouldn’t make it in unless I moved it downstream myself– so, that became Launchpad bug 106903. Caroline Ford was helpful in getting Launchpad to do what was needed; James Westby showed infinite patience in teaching me how to prepare a debdiff. Thanks a ton to you both. I then used my newfound knowledge to make an attempt to fix Launchpad bug 199402 (which hadn’t reached GNOME Bugzilla yet). And then there was GNOME bug 335763, which was something in zenity which needed fixing in order for GNOME bug 521914 in Metacity to be closed (of which more below).

Riordon thinks the Linux distro OS-tans are awesome, by the way. I told her about each of them and why it looked like it looked, and she came up with some more ideas about them. It makes me want to learn to draw, except I’m crazy busy as it is.

Here are two posts in the Metacity blog you might want to read:

Links… well, I’ll let them accumulate for a while.

Photo by Kris & Fred, cc-by-nc-nd. No, that isn’t what it looks like here.

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