My life continues along

My life continues to be interesting. I should post about it more, shouldn’t I? Work’s been busy, though, but that’s a good thing.

I posted some things over at the Metacity blog about the future of themes and the theme format. Please go and read it and share your thoughts.

I post a lot more there than I do here. Occasionally I will post something there and mention it over here, and people will say “Oh, I didn’t see that. Why isn’t the Metacity blog on Planet GNOME?”. And I’ll tell them that the official policy is that people go on p.g.o and projects go on p.g.o/news, which admittedly nobody much reads, and then they ask me why and I say, “I don’t know, that’s just how it’s set up.” I realise that most projects other than Metacity don’t post much other than their release announcements, but the Metacity blog is frequently-updated and chatty. So I tell the people that for myself, I’d rather like it if there’d be an exception to the people/project planet division for Metacity, or at least have one page that people knew about with everything on it, but it’s not up to me.

Here is my tech thought of the day: I would like it if browsers had a button like the wonderful Universal Edit Button which appeared when the page advertised a link rel=”alternate” of an audio type. Then you could click it and hear the page being read to you. It would be like the button which often appears on Wikipedia pages, only in a standard form everywhere. I may actually implement this.

Buying beer tonight, I was delighted to be carded. Nevertheless, it is ten years since I started doing any postgrad work and thus my Commemoration, which almost everyone else in the world calls a reunion, is coming up. It is beginning to look likely that I will be there. Anyone in the vicinity of Cambridge (the original one) who knows me and wants to say hello at some point in late September should make themselves known.

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