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Skin to StreetLifehackery: As part of the latest push to organise myself, I decided to try this idea about getting your inbox down to zero.  While I wasn’t looking after it, it had grown to about 5,700 messages.  After half an hour’s labour this morning, it’s down to 27, and I hope to bring that to zero by the end of the day.  (I haven’t read or used any of the Inbox Zero ideas, although I’m sure I ought to, and probably will soon.)  If I didn’t answer a message from you, I may have missed it in the noise.  Either I will answer it soon, or I accidentally deleted it with my tag-delete command of doom.  You are invited, as a general rule, to pester me again if it’s been more than a week.

AWN has a useful to-do list display which shows me the number of things left to do today in a severe number in the dock, and glares at me trying to make me feel bad about it getting larger than five.

Slight nargery: I suppose famous bloggers must get this all the time, but it’s always interesting when someone posts about something you post and you get to read their opinions at length; someone I don’t know posted his opinion about the themes post I made the other night on the Metacity blog, which meant I got an insight into what theme authors think about how things are– a particularly interesting insight, since, for reasons I haven’t ever discovered, theme authors and window manager maintainers don’t generally have much contact.  I wonder what solutions there are to that problem.

Photo credit: Christopher Peplin, cc-by-nc-nd.

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