Interesting challenges ahead

Funny how things work out sometimes.  On Monday week, which also happens to be the first day of my first week back in England in six years, I’ll be taking up a new job at Collabora.  (I’ll still be based in Pennsylvania, but it just happened to be that I was in Cambridge in my first week anyway!)  I’m very happy and excited about it all.

In tenuously related news, Carmen, who wrote the amazing resume I linked to a few weeks ago, has grown it into a blog called The Resume Project where people send in their resumes for their life rather than their jobs.  I sent her a resume in the form of a ballade, which you might enjoy reading if you enjoy reading such things (I love ballades; I think they’re an underappreciated form).  As I said, though, it’s not autobiographical:  I do really think life should include climbing trees, writing poetry, and paddling, but the real me would very quickly get very bored if it didn’t also include at least six hours of coding every day. :)

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  1. Congrats man!! Another GNOME to work on free software full time. Yeepee :-)

    I am eager to hear about what you’ll be working on ;-)

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