9 thoughts on “Shavian”

  1. Cool! And, well…I can’t read the language, but I can tell that the hinting for that font looks awful. :-)

  2. Cool! And, reading the article on your other site made me realize I don’t have a Shavian font installed, something I’ll have to rectify. But, doesn’t:

    “Besides, we’re already using Pittsburgh pronunciation because of the use of the CMU dictionary.”

    demonstrate why phonetic spelling reform is a fundamentally wrong-headed idea?

  3. @Voyou: Not particularly. I was kind of joking about the Pittsburgh part, except for the extent to which US and UK English are different dialects as a whole. It doesn’t matter at all whether people in Pittsburgh and York realise a word in the same way, so long as they are doing so with the same phonemes. And by and large, they are. Even if they weren’t, the system we use now is attempting to represent a prestige pronunciation; it’s just making a worse job of it.

    http://www.xibalba.demon.co.uk/jbr/ortho.html#two might interest you.

  4. I don’t speak nor can read the language but nice job nonetheless. Just wanted to point out that you should probably file a bug (Pango?) for the link in the about dialog. The alignment of the underline is offset in the translation versus English characters

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