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There is a kind of IRC bot called an infobot which remembers when you say “Perl is wonderful” and can repeat it back when anyone says “What is Perl?” Yesterday night Ande said something which gave me the idea of doing the same thing with Twitter, and a few minutes’ coding and a day’s running over the feed produced the result you see. It’s quite interesting to come back to every so often. If I feel like it I may make it so it refreshes every hour and excludes tweets that have come up before, and has RSS feeds, and maybe has a page for each subject so it becomes a sort of twitter-wiki.

(The entries at the top of the page are the most common words which come before “is”, getting less common as you go down the page. Only the first five or so tweets for each tag are shown, and newer ones arrive at the start knocking older ones off the end. The links go to the relevant tweets.)

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  1. Can you make an openmicroblogging version? shares the same API as twitter, so it shouldn’t be hard, and I’m sure lots of us Free nuts would love to play with this!


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