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mud puddleThis is your semi-regular reminder that you should all be following the Metacity blog if you want to know what’s going on in the Metacity world. (Some people want to know why the Metacity blog isn’t on Planet GNOME.  It’s because Planet GNOME is for people, not projects.  It does appear on GNOME News. I know some of you have said there should be an exception, or something like that, but I’m not the person to complain to.)

Yesterday I posted an idea about getting down to zero bugs in the tracker by this time next year.  It could be sooner, if we have more help.  Many of the existing bugs are squibs, or “why don’t you add this feature to Metacity?” bugs, and rather than just saying “no” to a bunch of these myself, I’ve decided that for the next few weeks we’ll post about one squib a day for you to argue over.  This is not an election and the maintainers still have final say, but your opinions are always interesting.  The first two have already been posted: cloning Exposé, and live previews in the alt-tab switcher.

And there’s also all the other regular features about current issues in window management, blue sky ideas, letters pages and the Metacity Journal, which is produced by a script and then hand-edited.  I may make the script public when I’m a bit more sure of its stability.  Would your project like to use it?

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