Quesadillas and theming

Day: Woke up, went to the gym, came back, worked, and ~plexq made us some rather good quesadillas.  ~Fin made some lovely tag icons for marnanel.org to go along with the existing ones from rosequoll.

Theming: I would like to re-examine the Metacity theme format for GNOME 3.  To this end, I’ve been working on CSS theming for Metacity.  I have a reasonable first pass at it written, and several of the standard themes converted (and several more to do).  But it occurs to me that the people who would like to create themes and the people who would be willing to download and compile several experimental libraries are not necessarily the same.  To this end, I’ve created a wiki to demonstrate the system.  If you write CSS on a page whose name begins with Borders: it will display as the result of rendering that CSS.  There is a tour, which you should take first.

Please feel free to create your own themes, either from scratch or by making copies of the existing ones.  I was going to finish off all the sample themes before announcing this, and also to make a theme wizard that would put together a theme for you from parts (to show how the system is well-adapted to use with editors), but I decided it was better to release early, release often.

Of course, now that I’ve announced this, it’s sure to be vandalised; I’ll try to keep an eye on it, but if you could revert any vandalism you see, I’d appreciate it.  Let me know what you think of the system, either way.

Top fives: Ask me for my top five favourites of anything and I’ll try to give a sensible answer.  So far I’ve been asked for cities, words, puddings, foods, beverages, heresies, books, and Tetris shapes.  Since there are only seven Tetris shapes, that’s rather an easy question: the answer is all of them except “S” and “Z”.

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10 thoughts on “Quesadillas and theming”

  1. Top 5 unfixed bugs that you’d most like to see fixed. (Not necessarily just bugs in GNOME.)

    Top 5 cool features you’d most like to see added.

  2. That’s great! I’m going to try this out soon. Thanks! :)
    One question: How do you specify styling for a maximised or inactive window?

  3. @Hylke:

    It will be something like “frame.maximized > button”… and so on. But the wiki isn’t clever enough to let you see what it would look like; you can make the rules but you’ll still only see the default window. It’s mainly for playing with and building up a corpus of themes so when it becomes part of the real window manager there’s something to test with.

  4. @Isaiah:

    I want to build up a corpus of themes to begin with before I start trying to integrate them into the real window manager. I think I’ll try to get a first draft of that done by sometime in September.

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