Ladies and gentlemen, this IS Maemo number five

I can finally tell you what I’ve spent the last year working on, and why I’ve been commuting back and forth to Helsinki. It’s a phone that runs Linux (a Debian-based distro called Maemo), and its name is the N900. I’ve been playing with it for months and I love it. Not only is it a phone and a Linux box in your pocket, it also runs robotfindskitten.

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7 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, this IS Maemo number five”

  1. Reading the Planet Gnome blogs over a cup of tea, I excitedly told my girlfriend that Nokia now has a Linux phone that runs robotfindskitten, but she just laughed at me. :(

    Some people just don’t understand..

  2. Thanks for the Debian plug! It would be nice if the website mentioned Debian too. It would also be nice if the device ran pure Debian instead of a derivative distro.

  3. @foo: Using a stock Debian is barly possible with the tight schedules in the phone market. To make such a device work there are zillions of billions of adjustments and tweaks to do. Something the FOSS model, as much as I love it, cannot cope with: It really just takes way too long to discuss every little change, every dirty hack in detail. If you’d really do such an ambitious device in pure FOSS style, competition would be two generations ahead before you ship it.

    Clearly sucks and really nobody involved likes the need to do those product forks, but it’s really the only way to get a proper device done within reasonable time and budget.

  4. The biggest thing I want to know is can I run Apache & MySQL with PHP & RubyOnRails on it.

    It would be a killer feature for me not that everything else is not as it is too.

    Anyway I can’t wait for its release myself and hats of for the awesome work everyone put in to it.

  5. @Thomas Thurman

    That answers everything, i am for sure going to get it now and nope i was not joking :) about it being a killer feature for me.

    Thanks for posting this video.

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