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If I’ve seemed rather busy recently, it’s because I’ve been working on a book for Packt. It will be a “cookbook” of ways to solve problems on MeeGo using Python and Qt. It started out as an N900-specific book, but it’s grown in the telling.

How to place a phone call

(Of course, until a version of MeeGo with a GUI goes public, I’m testing everything on the N900.)

I’m enjoying writing it immensely. It should be out sometime around the autumn.

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  1. Hi,

    I am really very eager to see your cookbook about Python and Qt for MeeGo as soon as possible…It will be exciting!!. I have been exactly looking for some kind of tutorial or books for a long time for novice but eager python devs to quick start mobile app development..But no luck so far….I am a novice but passionate python learner using it for web development(django) and sys admin tasks..But i want to get involved in mobile app development, but in a rapid way, which is where i think Python and Qt are the perfect match… I really wanted to go through PyQt and have learned the very basics of diffirent classes for PyQt libraries with some very basic examples..

    But i have been a bit confused for some time due to some things recently..Pyqt will not be supported by Nokia and Pyside is still in development phase.. Wanted to try some basic app for Maemo, but the platform hardly took off… I hope Meego will be a stable platform and hence want to build for Meego using python..Otherwise, i will have to think to look for possible other platform, possibly Apple iphone OS, but not Google or Microsoft..

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