Due to easter I have some extra time on my hands. Put it to
resonable good use with a full redesign of my
website. Still lots to do , but at least
now it is at a level where I can beef it up a little bit at
a time.

I have also spent time writing articles for
Linuxpower.org, one is about a couple of the distributions
makers, it is bound to create a little storm, but I think it
is time
that somebody points the fingers at the destructive policies
of these
I also started a yet another update /cleanup of my
directories on ftp.gnome.org. I have deleted everything
which duplicates Helixcode and added things that Helix
doesn’t include yet. One of my plans are to add Bonobo
enabled applications to the unstable branch, but I am
currently having some problems with the apps compiling due
to some problem with bonobo.h hmmm
I also made an icon for gnome-breakout, which I think the
author is planning to use, and sent of a set of questions to
Micheal Meeks for the interview I am doing with him for