Back from vacation, Guadelope was beutiful and Barbados was
a nice place to party. Since almost nobody spoke any english
in Guedelope I had to increase my french vocabulary from 0
to 20 while there. French is truly a beutiful language, I
actually got a wish to learn it for real while there, time
will tell if that wish actually leads to something or if it
just ends up in /dev/null.
Guadelope is a very green and living island, the beaches was
and you could walk around as a tourist without being
bothered by people wanting to sell you something or beg
While Barbados had some nice nightclubs and a many youths
wanting to party, the island it itself isn’t that much I
think. All the forest is cut down and the island now feels
dead and dry. Also there was a lot of bothersome
streetsellers bothering us with offers of useless trinckets.

Nice to return though and find that Helix had a lot of
updated stuff ready for download :), although I don’t
understand why they don’t bundle a version of Abiword with
the Gnome optimisations.