Aargh!!!! One of the things I liked about Linux when
geting aboard was the availability of software, even if it
was under development. This meant that even if the software
wasn’t finished at least it let often let me do what I
wanted or use the program at its current level of operation.

Although I wouldn’t want to go back to the ‘good’ old days
of not having this option I sometimes get quite frustrated
with Linux and the feeling of always having to work so damn
much when I want to get something working.

Today I wanted to get some RPMS of Galway made, which
needs a couple of under development libraries, gtkhtml and
gnome-guile to be precise. Gtkhtml fails when I try to
compile it with some message about bonobo. I have bonobo and
oaf installed, but this doesn’t seem to help, neither does
setting gtkhtml to compile without bonobo support, it still
fails complaining about bonobo problems.
Gnome-guile has among other things bindings for gtkhtml so I
haven’t even tried that one.

So I send of a mail to the gnome-list about my compile
problems and decide to try to get DVD support working

First of all I then get the choice of patching my 2.2
kernel or getting a 2.3 kernel to get the UDF file system. I
choose the 2.3 kernel option. The kernel upgrade goes well
and I can mount my DVD.
The next step then is setting up the DVD playing software,
first I try a nice looking package called gdvd, but that
doesn’t compile complaining about something missing from the
gtk header file, so I instead try gdxr2 which compiles, but
doesn’t find my dxr2 device, neither does the command line
player. Aaaargh, why does everything have to been so damn
much trouble. Could be the same dxr2 /Athlon problem I have
under windooze, I don’t know, and I don’t care anymore (at
least not today). Hmm, I know things would go easier if I
more proficient and could fix bugs myself in the code and
and scripts, but currently I am stuck in this userland

Conclusion; sometimes life suck even in linuxland.

Well the day hasn’t been a complete waste I updated my
enabled RPM package for Turbolinux of both Gnucash and
Abiword at ftp.gnome.org so I guess some of my effort paid
of today. And I got my daily dose of excersise
playing football (soccer) with my friends.