Hmm, I decided to reinstall my TurboLinux installation after
failing to build lots of things. I figured that I have
installed so much alpha level software on it, which probably
have messed up the system in the end. I have installed
TurboLinux over ftp with success before so that was my plan
now too.
What I hadn’t planed on was that the installation routine
would not support my 10/100 Compaq ethernet card so the
install failed after reformating my previous
I ended up going to the nearest shop and buying the cheapest
PCI ethernet adapter available, which was a Accton Cheetah.
It worked perfectely, the installation even autodetected it,
and I am now in the proccess of a full reinstall. Cool thing
as that they even had a ‘For Linux’ mark on the box.
I also noticed Eskils
diary entries today, where he puts in some funny remarks in
danish about his current situation. Having a language not
understood by 99.9 of the world population (like we have
here in Scandinavia) is sometimes very fun.

Small comment in Norwegian:
Lykke til med boligjakten Eskil :)