Decided to ditch my whole TurboLinux installation and go
back to using RedHat on both my machines. The 6.0.4
installation was a great disapointment with the X
configurator never managing to set up my screen correctly.
The sound config was also flawed, but I managed to get that
working eventually.

Now I am back with RH 6.2 and everything worked perfectly.
Guess the lesson is that infidelity doesn’t pay of when it
comes to distributions.

The only problem now is that the early announcement of Helix
GNOME on Slashdot, ruined the whole mirroring system which
has made all server except the master server next to
useless. Hmm.

Anyways as soon as the Helix update is finished I will write
GNOME 1.2 summary for

Also my hard earned lesson of the day;
don’t present
religious friends with titles such as ‘codegod’ or similar,
they often feel that the term ‘God’ should only be placed
upon God.