Seems like my first USA trip is coming up. I am going to
San Jose/San Francisco to join Jeremy
in staffing the Linuxpower booth at LWE. Hopefully
I will get to see some of San Francisco too when I am there,
and even find some fun way to celebrate my birthday on the
15th of August.

Noticed that Trebinor
has pretty much decided to take my suggestion of looking at
Xtraceroute. Just shows how much can be accomplished when
hanging out at #linuxpower.

Hasn’t had the time to work much more on learning to program
with Gnome-python, but expect to get some time to spare
during next week. If anyone has some nice example
gnome-python code for making a control-center applet, please
send it to me.

My editorial
on the Linux desktop future was well recieved, I almost
didn’t even get flamed at all, hmm. Hope that doesn’t mean
that I have become to edgeless in my editorials. Some people
was unhappy with my use of the word war etc., but I think
that if you are to keep an editorial interesting and
eyecatching you need to wrap it in words and sentences that
gives some feeling of action and urgency.