Working on a Saturday sucks, especially when I could have been out sailing in the sun instead.

Otherwise a fun week, the StarOffice announcement took me by suprise, especially since StarOffice has limited
KDE support at the moment and no GNOME support. Well, nice to see them wise up.
Since Caldera owns and their relationship with Sun I wonder if this also means a new direction
them, yet another convert to the free software camp would be nice.

My Linux work has really suffered the last couple of weeks, no articles written for Linuxpower and no work on
getting my GNOME-python skills moving. Have found myself an even easier learning project than the icewm
gnome-capplet thingie though. A wrapper script for gtkyahoo which lets you configure username and password
through a Gtk\GNOME gui. Simpler than that I think would be difficult to find :)