It just occured to me what being a KDE developer is all about; it is living in constant denial.

I mean take the licensing issue, before the QPL there wasn’t a problem.
Then the QPL came and fixed the problem that never was.
Then the GPL’ing of Qt came and fixed a problem that never existed.

Or on the technical level:
Mico was fast enough and GNOME’rs claiming otherwise was spreading FUD.
Then TinyMico comes along to solve a problem that never existed.
Miguel was acussed spreading FUD when he said the KOM/OpenParts wasn’t good enough
Then DCOP comes as a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

On the distribution level:
Corel and Caldera bundle only KDE, which is a good thing since it proves that KDE is the standard.
Sun, IBM and HP decides to support GNOME, which is a bad thing since it removes user choice.

Wov, I don’t envy those guys, it must be a hard life to live, everything you do and say creating a contradiction.