Okay time for a new episode up in my series of sarcastic
diary entries.

wrote: I still feel Debian has, in general, acted wrong
in the past, but I will apologize and forgive.

Did you hear that Debian developers? What is it people do
when someone forgive them, ah yes now I remember, I think
this calls for a press release posted on Slashdot called:
Debian to Ralsina: That is absurd.

Next item:
b) Nautilus (and other GNOME programs) are GPL and link
(optionally) to mozilla. Mozilla is still not compatible
with the GPL. Shouldn’t those programs be declared “not
properly licensed” by Debian, too?

hmm, how could one possibly respond to such great
wait what is this!!! in the Galon license there is this
little notice:
The present copyright holders of this file have given
as a special exception, to link this file with the Mozilla
rendering component and distribute linked executables, as
long as you follow the requirements of the GNU GPL in regard
to all of the
software in the executable aside from that component.

Shit, the Galeon developers have actually added the clause
that Debian requested KDE to add, but why have they done
that when according to Ralsina only KDE would not be allowed
to get away with faulty licensing. It sure is a strange
world we live in.