Aaronl, I just saw your post to the Abisource developers
list regarding the two bugs that had resurfaced. It really suprises me a bit when someone who himself codes for
free software sends messages like that. Abiword is still pre-1.0 and making releases is the only sensible way for
a free software project do QA during development, and through the use of these releases get feedback
from people like yourself on what is broken so it can be fixed before the 1.0 release. If you feel that the current
Abiword maintainers don’t manage to keep the bug count low enough or make sure that your patches still does
what their are supposed to after the latests rewrites, then you should yourself help out to make sure things works
well. Personally IMHO that would be much better way to spend you time than your current Gtk-only crusade. Or
put in another way; the number of people who would be happy if feature X got added to Abiword is probably a LOT
larger than the number who will bother getting a Gtk-only Gnapster.