Spent the last two days bughunting an installation of Oracle iMarketing, spending a lot of hours looking
through tables in a database hoping to find the misconfiguration that causes some damn ‘charsett is null’ error.
to having to move on to another assignment I was left leaving it to Oracle support to do the last part of the bug
hunt. I have to admit, and I know this is sad and a sign of a empty life, that I am a bit curious to find out what was
causing it. :)

Seems like the Gtk-only vs. GNOME debate(flamewar) has died down, to be replaced by a ‘what
do we have for the poor and homeless’ debate. My personal feelings on the subject is somewhat in a flux, ranging
from; everybody should be supplied with the basic things they need to survive, to a more pragmatic; there’s too
many humans anyway, lets spend the money on wildlife conservation instead.