There is a term called ‘Fall depresion’ which is commonly used here in Norway to describe the often seen
phenomenon that people tend to get a little down when fall sets in and the hours where we have light is getting
fewer. I think I have been struck by ‘Fall depresion’ these last couple of weeks. It is not as much that I have been
depressed, but more like feeling like my battery is flat. The last two weeks have been very unproductive, I have
even watched a lot of television, something which I see as the biggest waste of time possible.

Yesterday I finally managed to shake it of and do something productive, the irony is that what made me shake out
of this period of inactivity was waching an episode of Ally McBeal. The comment that got me back on track was a
piece of advice one of the characters gave Ally, which wass along the lines ‘all the good ones are taken, so if you
want a good one you have to steal him’. Well, thinking about this I thought, hey that is a good point, so I called
girl I hadn’t spoken to in a while, but who I until now hadn’t wanted to invest to much energy into pursuing due to
she already having another involvement. Well, I think calling her was the smartest thing I have done in a while.

So back to my ‘fall depresion’ thing, well
there nothing better than a romantic interest to get your batteries recharged. The energies such things produce
enables you to get a lot of things done, including those related to work and hobbies. So my conclusive advice to
all the Advogato hackers, when you are feeling burnt out and need to get your work
stamina back on track, pick up the phone and call someone you are attracted too :)