mathieu just put up a list of people he
would like to see elected to the GNOME Foundation board and
I think it is a good list. My first thought was to put up my
own list of candidates too, but starting with Matheiu list I
had a hard time deciding who to delete, I guess I have some
hard decisions to make before casting my vote :)

So I will instead just make some extra recomandations:

  • First of all I suggest altering the list so
    that Martin Baulig and Miguel de Icaza both
    gets on the board.

  • I also suggest adding Michael Meeks to the
    Michael has been one of the core Gnumeric hackers and is
    currently doing some great work on Bonobo. Michael is
    working for HelixCode and is located in England.

  • The third candidate I would like to see is Bertrand
    a long time GNOME contributor (ObjC bindings
    and early incarnations of Evolution.) and founder of
    Henzai, a company which
    is making GNOME run on handhelds etc.

As mentioned I haven’t really decided who I am going to
remove from Matheiu original list to make room for these
candidates, but
I want to say that since all these alternative candiates are
coders, if you decide to add them your own ballot list, you
probably should replace some of the other coders. Currently
there are only two people on the list who aren’t primarly
coders and I think decreasing that percentage even more
would be a bad thing.