My first article for some time will go up on Linuxpower as
soon as katzj finish editing it. I also
have some cool interviews in the works, especially the
Berlin-project one I think will be great.

It seems that the fun and cool hack factor is once again
resurfacing in the Linux community, after a long period now
where such stuff has been put aside in favour of corporate
or ‘pragmatic’ agendas. While I think the coporate support
is great and important to bring Linux to the masses, I think
that the cool hacks like the recent ‘ORBit to kernel’
or ‘GNOME to Windows’ ports is what makes it fun to be part
of the
linux community, ‘the expect the unexpected’ feeling is I
think in some ways fundamental in building an online
community like the Linux community.

Also cool to see that ErikLevy has started
to work for a Norwegian company, strange how small a world
this is.