Few things are as boring as watching a 20 000 job
Oracle Application Database patch roll over the screen.
Anyone out there who have tried putting a patch onto Oracle
Applications should now what I am talking about.

Anyway had some fun yesterday with creating an original
news story for Gnotices about the anti-aliasing patch for
GNOME and Mozilla created by Jacob
and vladimir. The story got
linked to from Slashdot, lwn, linuxtoday, Mozillazine,
LinuxOrbit and probably more. And Gnotices went down hard.
We really need to try to update Gnotices to a newer version
of Squishdot. I probably end up voluntering to do it
myself, yet it means needing to spend a some time getting
with how Squishdot/Zope actually work. And like everybody
else who could do the job I am having trouble finding
enough time :).

My interview with Ettore of Ximian turned into an interview
with Miguel de Icaza instead, as soon as this high-priority
job (getting an Oracle Application 11.5.3 system up and
running for Price Waterhouse Coopers) is finished and my
workdays return to normal I will
edit it, and mail Miguel a couple of follow ups before it
is ready to be published on Linuxpower.

Other interviews are also brewing, but they are progressing
slowly since I am very busy at the moment. But topics
include Linux Mandrake & GNOME, Eazel & GNOME, Berlin
Project and Gstreamer