Me, Ole and Kjartan got togheter over a couple of beers yesterday to get GNOME
started. It will mostly serve as a social forum to get togheter once in a while (IRC is nice, but it is no replacement
for actually meeting people in RL.) but we will set it up as a registered organisation in order to ease
with companies etc. when the need arises. We will also get a GNOME norway mailing list set up.

One of the things we agreed to do was to rent a Van to go to GUADEC in togheter so don’t be suprised if you see
a Van at GUADEC filled with 5-6 crazy Norwegian gnomes.

Got confirmation yesterday that both Gstreamer and Ximian Setup Tools will be presented at GUADEC. Very cool, I have
pestered Kenneth, one of the GUADEC organizers, rather heavily to make it happen. I can’ t really take much
credit for XST being there, think the Ximian people took care of most of that themselves, but Gstreamer I feel I can
take credit for getting onto the GUADEC program.

Got a reply from Miguel to my follow-up questions to my interview so hopefully I will be able to put up the
GNOME and Ximian interview this weekend. Have a really cool idea for an image to use with the interview so
hopefully I will get the time to create it.

Did a small interview marathon the other day managing to send out questions to Linux Mandrake, Gstreamer,
Eazel and Berlin Proejct, poor Crudman who probably end up having to edit the lot