To much work lately, which means to little time for Linux

Luckily I did a lot of work last weekend which I can surf a
bit on now. We have an interview with Miguel de Icaza coming
up hopefully later today on Linuxpower. The
interview with Gael Duval of Mandrake just needs the final
edit before sending it of to Gael for final approval, plan
to get that done this evening.

ErikLevy it seems to me that you have
replaced one God with another more than actually trancended
anything :). Where before Linux was the true way, you know
tout plattform indepence and plattform agnostism as the
one true way.

Personally I believe that there really isn’t anything which
really constitues an objective truth, there is just degrees
of subjectivity.
So personally I have choosen to support a ‘truth’ which fits
with my goals and views, instead of doing a futile search
for the impossible absolute truth and then later discover
that it, like all other truths, is just a conditional lie.