I have now succesfully migrated my computer setup from basic
RH7.1 to the SGI XFS version of RH7.1. Well, kinda
succesful. The SGI setup used devfs which if for no other
reason than my infamilarity and lack of support in the
Redhat configuration tools have been causing me some
problems. The main problem is that I am at the moment unable
to setup my soundcard and nvidia card properly since the
configuration setup seems to be nullified by devfs each time
I reboot. So I am using the bundled nv driver at the moment
are rerun the rh sound setup tool whenever I want sound.
Guess I have to read up on devfs and how to get things
working with it. XFS on the other hand, which was the reason
I did this, works perfectly so far.

Also got my GUADEC 2 summary ready and posted so those
interested can find it at Linuxpower