Ok, a small, yet irritating, dark could is hanging over my
new SGI/Red Hat XFS system. The problem is with devfs,
which I think is a great thing technically, but current
practical limitations give me a headache. I even emailed
the devfs creator Richard Gooch who replied back to me the
same day. And even though I am gratefull for Richard taking
the time to answer a email from a end-user like myself, he
confirmed my theory that I need to make some sort of script
which recreates my /dev nodes for the drivers I need
which /devfs currently doesn’t support. This is mainly the
sounddriver and the commercial NVIDIA driver in my case.

So now I am pondering wether to: a) try to figure out
how to
make such a script or b) simply reinstall to basic RH7.1
again. Making such a script would probably be a good
learning experience and it would allow me to keep my cool
bleeding edge devfs/XFS system. The downside is that I
don’t really want to spend a couple of evenings researching
how to do it. I guess the compromise here is just to try to
find some examples scripts online or some sort of howto, if
I find that I go for the script making solution, if not I
go for the reinstall.

The GNOME.no team is meeting for a couple of beers in
Oslo today. We will join up at Cafe SjakkMatt at 1900, then
probably move on to somewhere which has outdoor serving
(with just 3 months of summer each year we have to use them
to the maximum :). We have a nice growth rate going from 3
persons the last time to 5 this time. Guess we
have to start make reservations soon for our gatherings :)

The meeting is mostly a social event, but we also have to
decide wether to register as a foundation or an volunteer-
organisation. While it would be nice to register as a
foundation like GNOME international is, it do put some
extra work on our hands which includes such stuff as
writing laws and sending in a yearly financial statement
even if we have no money transactions. If we just register
as a volunteer-organisation things are much less formal.
Could be that there are some good financial/practical
reasons for becoming a foundation in Norway, but I have
failed to discover what that is unless you plan on making
it a business-venture of some sort.