Hate, a word I become quite familiar with last night.
The background is that last Friday I where to have my
sailboat set on water. But I after me and my friends
arrived at the harbour we where told that the crane cable
was begining to break so they couldn’t set out somethings
as heavy as a sailboat. Ok, a little irritated that they
didn’t call and tell us that our appointment was cancelled,
but we didn’t complain.

Ok yesterday second attempt. Arrives at the harbour and the
boat is lifted onto the river. It turns out the river is to
shallow and the sailboat stands on its keel on the bottom
of the river. The harbour master tells us just to wait a
couple of hours until the tide comes in and everything will
be fine. Ok, while we felt that he as a proffesional should
have a) checked how deep the river was and b) have maybe
waited until high-tide to set the boat on the water we
didn’t complain. Ok, tide comes in and boat doesn’t budge,
still to shallow. Harbour master suggests we wait till
morning since the tide might be higher then. Ok, we have no
choice but to accept that.

Arrive at harbour this morning
and boat is still stuck, the tide isn’t any higher (didn’t
really expect it to be.) Not only that, but that asshole
harbour master wasn’t there and doesn’t arrive before
midday, aargh. Hope that bloody ass has a plan for how to
get the boat onto the ocean, cause I getting tired of his
bloody amatourism and passive attitude toward our problem.
(Which will be his problem too since he can’t put any other
boats on the water until we are moved.)