raph: I don’t agree with you on suggesting
that gregf posting belongs on Skolos. His
posting was not really about sex the way I saw it, it was a
opinion piece on western judgementalness and to some extent
racist opinions of a country and their culture. By asking
him to move I almost feelt like you placed yourself in the
same category as his australian ex-friend.

Being the founder of Advogato I guess you have the
inside track on what Advogato is supposed to be, but there
has been lots of political postings here before without you
stricking out at it.

Ok, over to something that is definetly Advogato related. I
tried out Galeon
today with Mozilla 0.9. (I compiled galeon using Mozilla 0.9
and the –enable-mozilla-cvs parameter). WOW! The rendering
speed is simply increadible, Galeon must now be the fastest
web browser available on Linux. I have tested most Linux
browsers, including other who claim to be fast like
Konqueror and Opera, but no browser has impressed me so much
speedwise as this latest Galeon+Moz release did. Thanks for
the incredible work.