Been mostly a good weekend. Spent most of it on the
sailboat, eating good food, listening to good music and
talking to good friends. Saturday night we cast anchor
outside a small town in the Oslofjord and went out for some
beers. Found a really lively place with a great atmosphere,
fun music and of course beutiful women.

A perfect trip hadn’t the boat engine broke down on the way
back, since there was almost no wind we spent around 8
hours on the last few kilometers.

On the writing front I got mail back from Jim Gettys
today with the answer to my final question for the interview
I am doing with him. Hopefully it will be up on Linuxpower later this

It has been some time since last we published something on
Linuxpower now, but since it is summer in Norway now I am
not inclined to spend as much time indoors, which limits
the amount of time I have to do this stuff.
ErikLevy,katzj and
crudman has not been in a writing frenzy
either lately. I wish we could have more writers on
Linuxpower to keep content coming out more frequently, but
finding people who like to write seems hard to do.
(volunteers please come forward.) I guess we could increase
our article count by going down the same road as
Linuxplanet have and do lots of editorials, but I think
this is a crappy solution. Editorials have their place, and
are quick to do, but they should not make up the bulk of
the content, which is my impression of how things are at

Another reason my writing a calmed downed somewhat is
increasing amount of work done on GNOME related stuff, like
the GNOME weekly summaries and misc. website stuff. I have
also been spending some time lately trying to aquire some
basic hacking skills, think I am making some progress, but
I am not there yet.