Thanks to hadess little WindowMaker &
GNOME howto (posted to Gnotices I tried out
Window Maker again last night for the first time in over a
year. It was a pleasant reunation. WindowMaker still
doesn’t seem to support gnome session management, but I
guess I can live with that.

Spent time last evening editing my interview with Jim
Gettys, interesting stuff. Needs some more fixes then of
for final editing, approval and then finally publication.

Things are really looking good in the GNOME camp these
days. New cool stuff keeps popping up, old modules gets
lots of work done (like the recent work on gnome-media and
gnome-utils) and a new release of Nautilus with further
optimisations and improvements is on the way.

We are also getting ready to release the 0.2.0 release of
GStreamer which I am
really looking forward too. It is still a developer release
in the sense that all things aren’t ready yet, end users
especially will see that the gstmediaplay GUI frontend
still is a work in progress. But we are getting there with
a steady flow of new developers joining the project and 6
months from now I think GStreamer will definetly have
established itself as the de-facto standard for Linux
multimedia. As omega pointed out we have
more weekly CVS commits now than Evolution for instance.
(yeah, yeah I know CVS commits isn’t a very good
measurement of anything, but still :)

Downloading Solaris for Intel in order to be able to do
some compilation testing and bug reporting of selected
GNOME modules. Relaying on gman for
Solaris testing isn’t a working solution, especially since
he is supposed to be hacking on a cool little traceroute
toy *hint* *hint*