If it works don’t fix it
If it works don’t fix it
If it works don’t fix it
Sound simply enough doens’t it, why is it I never learn to
live by it then? God, I hate my work on days like this.
Luckily it is friday so I can use the weekend to learn how
to not start to cry when someone says the word ‘concurrent

Installed Solaris 8 for Intel on a old computer (Pentium
200) yesterday. Works but there are some problems with
performance, especially with the Java admin apps. Actually
it was a friend of mine who both downloaded the ISO’s from
Sun, burned the cdroms and gave me the old computer so I
have to use this opportunity to say: Thanks.

Anyway my plan is to use the machine to try and compile
lots of different GNOME stuff, and file bugzilla reports on
compilation problems in order to help make the
code more multiplattform/multicompiler.