Returned from ALS a few days ago, had a lot of interesting
conversations and as usual learned a few new things.
Think we finally have a roadmap for making multimedia under
X not suck, but it will take a lot of co-ordination effort.
Me and Erik (of GStreamer fame) talked to a lot of people
about these issues including Keith Packard, Jim Gettys, Leon
Shiman (of and others. Seems that the first step
needs to be Erik doing some Linux kernel hacking after which
we probably can get a killer multimedia solution by a little
coding on XFree, MAS and GStreamer. The problem here is not
really the amount of coding needing to be done, it is more
the amount of projects needing to be interact :). Anyway I
will be doing an article outlining what needs to be done and
spotlight the different technologies involved in the near

Currently I have one week of hellish working hours ahead so
there will be little time for working on Free software, but
afterwards I expect things to lighten up workwise.

I hope to get both my Multimedia article and a GNOME 2
aricle I promised O’Reilly done/drafted sometime next week.