One of the challenges with working with free software is
that of overextending oneself. Once you are familiar with a
project there is always 10 times as many tasks as there is
time to actually do them, especially if you want to do them
well. Last year I sometimes felt like I was doing to much,
which in the end meant I just did to little many places
instead of doing enough a few places. So my new year
resolution is to try and limit myself a little more and
instead focusing on a few things and do them well instead of
spreading myself thin on a million tasks and do none of them
in a satisfactory manner. So for this year I think I will
try to focus on doing the GNOME Summaries and helping out on
GStreamer. That means I will try not to get much involved in
GNOME website work or offer to help out with this and that
on a lot of other projects which I did last year, this also
means I will continue having a rather low output rate of new