Learned yesterday that we are pulling the plug on
Linuxpower.org. Even if I have seen it coming for a while, and
even considered taking the initiative myself to close it
down, I still feel a bit nostalgic about it. When I joined
linuxpower as a writer around 4 years ago (eek) it was in
many ways my first venture into activly participating in
the wider Linux community..errr….GNU/Linux community.

Looking back it was an interesting period in time as using
Linux had not really caught on yet. It was in many ways a
more idealistic and friendly community at that time. I have
when thinking back sometimes wondered if the license
conflict that arose between KDE and GNOME at that time and
which colored a lot of the debates in the whole community,
was to blame for the decline in civility in the community
the years afterwards. Yet I guess that decline was something
that had to come as the community grew away from being
heavily dominated by academia to also include other less
educated groups.

Anyway back to Linuxpower, as I mentioned the site will be
going down, the direct reason being that
Chad(icemonk) who has been
hosting the site on his machine all these years is moving to
Hawaii(lucky bastard). The indirect reason being that we,
the four core
memebers of the team, have all gotten involved with other
things which left the site on a backburner.

So having a site for when I got the writing fever once every
second month was not really worth keeping the site alive
for. Luckily I talked with John Gowin of Linux Orbit (.com)
and he was willing to publish my articles from here on, so
when I do get to urge to do something I will have somewhere
to publish it.

So to my fellow Linuxpowerians
katzj,ErikLevy and
crudman thanks for the fun of the previous
years and I am really looking forward to the day the four of
us get togheter again, be it work, leisure or free software.