Not overly productive the last few days, but I guess I have
managed to do something usefull. For instance I sent my
latest interview of for publication yesterday, I re-openend
all the Nautilus search bugs I closed and I did the long
overdue dishes at home :)

Wim told me last night that he expect to be able to commit the
implemented event stuff for GStreamer in one week, two at
most. This is great news as this is the piece which we are
missing to be able to supply applications with the needed
functionality for seeking and EOF. Hopefully we can do a
0.4.0 release at that time and at the same time be able to
push that
release out through Red Carpet.

My plan for today is getting a new GNOME Summary out.
Actually have more then enough news already, just need to do
the markup and polish.

The GNOME2 snapshots that Jacob distributes through Red
Carpet works like a charm for me, nice to see bugs getting
fixed even if some of the fixes are of the ‘disable’
category. While there will be some feature regressions in
GNOME2 compared to GNOME1.4 I think most people will be more
happy with it due to the new features of the plattform and
the much improved quality of this release.