Argh, those bloody swiz are arguing the bill for my
assignment there. True enough the problem wasn’t solved
while I was there, and still isn’t, but when you request
someone for a 2 day assignment and it turns out to be a
problem they have been strugling with for 6 months then
acting suprised when I am not able to solve it in 2 days is
a little over the hill in my view…

Managed to compile Mozilla with GTK+ 2.0 support last night
thanks to Marco’s patch and SPEC file. Now I only need to
get Galeon for GNOME 2 compiled. Not long after that I think
I am ready to launch the Svirfneblin Desktop Environment
upon the world (evil grin)

Spent a lot of time talking with Star yesterday about the
feature regressions in GNOME 2.0 compared to GNOME 1.4. What
I told him is what I have told anyone else missing their
favourite feature; file a bug. If regression bugs are not
filed then it is perfectly natural for developers to assume
that the feature that has been removed is not missed. Also
many features are not really gone, they have just been moved
to another place.

I also sent my new interview back for final approval last
night, expect it to go online early next week.

I also managed to get some more work on the Nautilus theme,
think I need to do some fixes on my tutorial.